The complete proceeds will be donated to help the people of Ukraine.

Bulletmonks - Wasteland
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Bulletmonks are back

Hello friends. So this year, we are officially ending our hiatus. A hiatus which we never really made official or public in the first place. Let us give you a quick rundown why we are announcing our return now and after that we owe everyone a few honest words on why we needed a break.

Why now?

We are in the midst of writing and working on our fourth studio album and the plan was to wait with the news til we're closer to releasing it. Why announce it now? For the first time we decided to work on a concept album. A tongue in cheek story based in a post-apocalyptic world as a reminder that we must stop the rich, the elite and power hungry megalomaniac politicians and dictators from bringing war, death and suffering upon the world.

And while we started working on this over a year ago, sadly the topic has now become a reality with the recent invasion of our friends in Ukraine, where once again ordinary and peaceful people have been plunged into war by a handful of power hungry motherfuckers, who have complete control over a country and its military. Us being a band, we want to dedicate some of our work to helping our brothers and sisters over there. That is why we want to gather money with music. We decided to pre release an early version of the first song of our upcoming album, called "Wasteland". You can download the song for 1 buck (or more) and the complete proceeds will be donated to help the people of Ukraine.

A few words about the hiatus

Now a few words to why we quietly disappeared into the fog a few years ago. We made quite a large number of mistakes in the early stages of our career. Starting with the way we split with our first label Napalm Records and countless missed opportunities due to just not putting enough work in when we had the biggest chances out there. Being four countryside happy go lucky boys, we were partying all the time and always receptive for false prophets and really bad advice. Which in retrospective is quite sad, as there were enough good folks like our agent Schroerg and many fellow musicians that were trying to guide us. And while we got another shot and had some great years thanks to Rainer from Deaf Shephard Records and Fiddlers Green, we never really got rid of the bad vibe of missed chances. The last formation was great and the quality of our shows were finally where they should be but we were constantly trying to get the hype back instead of just fucking enjoying ourselves.

That being said while Bulletmonks was inactive we were all working on different new projects and playing in other bands. In the last two years or so we transformed back into what we were when we started our journey in the first place: music lovers. Just a little older and definitely with less booze. And instead of spending the next few decades dwelling in the past its time to get back on the road and enjoy what we do. Hopefully we'll see as many of you out there as we can.

Bulletmonks, March 2022